Our programs, projects and activities conducted in the past year truly built the character and abilities not only of the regional staff, but also of stakeholders coming from regional and local partners in implementation of the Philippine Population Management Program further categorized into Population and Development Integration, Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning, as well as Adolescent Health and Youth Development.

Furthermore, these endeavors, which were spearheaded by POPCOM III and anchored on the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law (Republic Act 10354) paved the way for the agency to establish and/or maintain harmonious relationships and stronger partnership with local government units, national government agencies, civil society organizations,academe, youth, and even media partners to advocate for POPCOM’s message of putting people at the center of development through responsible parenthood, family planning and sexuality and reproductive health.

With this approach, we are assured of bridging the message from POPCOM to its partners and stakeholders that is envisioned by the PPMP: happy, healthy, empowered and well-planned Filipino families, changing lives one community at a time.