In response to the Sustainable Development Goals, and a call to action to promote the advocacy of gender and development in Central Luzon, the Commission on Population (POPCOM) Region III Office assures the gender-sensitivity and –responsiveness of its policies, as well as programs, projects and activities (PPAs) through the following GAD-related initiatives:

I. GAD KAP ASSESSMENT AND GENDER SENSITIVITY TRAINING – Conducted as needed, the Gender and Development Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (GAD KAP) Study and Gender Sensitivity and Harmonized Gender and Development Training helps determine the POPCOM Region III Staff’s level of GAD KAP and also heightens the staff’s awareness on gender sensitivity. Furthermore, the said initiative aids in preparing the staff in handling and facilitating GAD-harmonized and –sensitive PPAs.

II. GAD-HARMONIZED AND SENSITIVE OFFICE POLICIES – In response to efforts to ensure GAD harmonization and gender sensitivity in the workplace, POPCOM Region III issues policies that promote gender equality. These policies include office orders on employment, assignment of tasks and functions, and provision of necessary facilities, among others, in order to concretize the GAD concept in the office.

III. KATROPA – The Kalalakihang Tapat sa Responsibilidad at Obligasyon sa Pamilya (KATROPA) strategy is an advocacy activity that helps promote men’s involvement in GAD, as well as in Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RP-FP) through an orientation. The said strategy has been introduced not only to local government units through local population offices and local officials, but also to national government agencies which are POPCOM Region III’s regional partners in Central Luzon. To date, POPCOM Region III not only conducts KATROPA among partners in Central Luzon, but also provides technical assistance to partners in the regional and local level, as requested.

IV. GAD PLANNING, BUDGETING, AND ANALYSIS – Supported by the Department of Interior and Local Government through a signed Regional Memorandum Circular, POPCOM Region III and Central Luzon Association of Population Officers and Workers (CLAPOW) conducted the People-Centered Barangay Gender and Development Planning, Budgeting and Analysis for Barangay Officials. The said activity was conducted as a series of workshops which provided the participants the know-how in GAD Analysis, Budgeting and Planning along with additional concepts on Population and Development Integration necessary for Barangay Officials. Almost all major local government units in Central Luzon have been trained by POPCOM Region III and CLAPOW on the above-mentioned strategy.

V. CONDUCT OF GAD-RESPONSIVE PPAS UNDER PPMP – POPCOM’s strategies under the Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP are given a high level of gender-responsiveness by the Philippine Commission on Women (the implementing arm of GAD in the public sector). Categorized as either for RP-FP, for Adolescent Health and Youth Development (AHYD), and Population and Development (POPDEV), these strategies are GAD-harmonized and gender-sensitive determined by outputs such as couples sharing responsibilities in responsible parenting as well as age-and-sex disaggregated databanking, among others.

VI. DEVELOPMENT AND DISTIBUTION OF GAD-RESPONSIVE IEC MATERIALS – (SENIOR, RP-FP, AHYD, POPDEV) – In order to help promote the GAD-harmonized and sensitive PPAs founde under the PPMP, POPCOM Region III also develops and distributes IEC materials that are anchored on the vision, mission and objectives of the PPMP as well as the concepts of GAD. These materials are made available by request or are given during the conduct of PPAs.

VII. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – On top of the above-mentioned PPAs conducted by POPCOM Region III in response to its call to action for GAD harmonization, POPCOM Region III also provides technical assistance to major stakeholders which include regional and local partners to further understand GAD and promote GAD harmonization and gender sensitivity in their workplaces, families, and communities.