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“Selfie Kabataan, Sali na Kabayan (SK2)” is an online campaign initiated by the Commission on Population Region III (POPCOM Region III).

The campaign’s objective is to promote the observance of the World Population Day, celebrated all over the globe every 11th of July. It was also introduced to heighten the awareness of the Filipinos, most especially from Central Luzon, regarding issues directly and indirectly related to the rapid increase in the global population.

With this year’s WPD theme “Investing in Teenage Girls”, POPCOM Region III has spearheaded SK2 in hopes of catching the attention of the youth, considering the popularity of the social media and the “selfie” phenomenon among adolescents.

Targeting the desired audience, POPCOM Region III also aims to stir the curiosity among young people in gathering information about the objectives of the World Population Day, and even population issues related to their age group. At present, the incidences of pre-marital sex and teenage pregnancy increased, as proven by the 2013 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study (YAFSS 4). The same study cited Central Luzon as the second highest region in the country on pre-marital sex and one of the third range of regions with the most number of teenage pregnancy.

The SK2 is implemented through the following:

a. Participants must be teenagers and must like POPCOM Region III’s Facebook fan page (

b. Teenagers can take a “selfie” (a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam) with the answer on how can you protect yourself from youth issues and concerns such as high teenage pregnancies, rising early sexual encounters, increasing cases of STIs including HIV-AIDS, risky sexual and non-sexual behaviors, and early marriages, among others, that would have a grave effect on your future? Post it on POPCOM Region III’s Facebook fan page.

c. The individual also has to hashtag his post using #worldpopulationday, #investinginteenagegirls, and #popcomregion3

d. There will be 5 winners at the end of the campaign. Winners will be determined by the number of likes they get on their post on POPCOM Region III’s Facebook fan page.

The target of the campaign is to make the hashtags trending on social media accounts by July 11. But beyond that, the campaign would also like to hear what our young people have to say on how they can help promote education, health and employment rights for the youth by protecting them from youth-related reproductive health issues. SK2 wants to entice any social media account user to find out more about the World Population Day, the population issues directly affecting the youth, specifically teenage girls, and the ways how our young people can help in developing and building our nation.


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Base from the 2015 CENSUS of Population: 11,218,177

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