The Commission on Population (POPCOM) logo is a symbolic form of all types of people. The adjoined loops connote interrelationship or togetherness, whether in connection with a family or with individuals in a community Completing the logo is a circle enveloping the symbolic family or community, signifying that the family and the individual in the community are the main focus of all POPCOM's efforts.



Roles of POPCOM

  • Policy Formulation and Plan Development

POPCOM as Secretariat will spearheaded the development and preparation of population policies and operation plans in consultation with various stakeholders like GOs, NGOs, LGUs, media, women, youth (both in and out of school ) and legislators.

  • Advocacy and Communication

       POPCOM will lead the call for GOs, LGUs, private sector, civic organizations and civil society to assist couples achieve their desired number and spacing of children. Likewise, it will spearhead the development of a communication and advocacy plan including core messages on Responsible Parenthood, Responsible Adolescence and Family Planning.

  • Data and Information Management

POPCOM will serve as a clearing house and information resource center on population and reproductive health/family planning and will provide coordinated direction to participating agencies in the development of their plans and programs.

  • Generation, Programming and Mobilization of Resources for Population                                  

POPCOM will prepare a “Population Investment Plan” to guide actions on the generation, programming, mobilization, matching and tracking resources for population activities.

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Population Clock

Base from the 2015 CENSUS of Population: 11,218,177

Basis: 2015 PGR of 1.95


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