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August of every year is commemorated as the Family Planning (FP) Month. As part of the government’s goal to address unmet need for modern family planning in the country, POPCOM continues to support the celebration of the FP month to promote awareness about programs of the government in FP and actions parents can take if they want to plan for the number and spacing of their children.

The conduct of activities for the 2016 FP month also serves as a response to the President’s pronouncement of support during the first State of the Nation Address stating that “the implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health (RPRH) Law must be put into full force and effect.”

With the Duterte Health Agenda’s “All for Health towards Health for All”, focusing on achieving zero unmet need for modern family planning, there is a pressing need for the government to promote awareness on RPRH and FP rights and to link demand generation with quality service delivery.

The 2016 Family Planning Month, themed “Breastfeeding and Family Planning: Keys to Sustainable Development,” opens another opportunity to advocate and generate demand for FP and RH services.

Hence, POPCOM Region III is set to conduct various activities within the month of August in order to reach intended audiences to further address unmet need for modern FP methods which include both natural (basal body temperature, cervical mucus, sympto-thermal, standard days, and Lactational-amenorrhea) and artificial and permanent FP methods (condom, contraceptive pills, injectable, intra-uterine device, bilateral tubal ligation, and non-scalpel vasectomy).

Different activities for the FP Month include information dissemination and FP counseling in selected public areas, offices, and establishments, capacity building of regional staff on FP, and coordination with regional and local partners in the conduct of FP month-related activities.

Through these, we hope to contribute to the current administration’s vision of achieving zero unmet for modern FP, which is defined as either a) individuals and/or couples that would like to practice modern FP but have no access to services or means to do so, or b) traditional FP users.

We enjoin everyone in the commemoration of the Family Planning Month for the attainment of well-planned, happy, healthy, and empowered Filipino families in Central Luzon.

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